Are you a filmmaker, photographer, journalist, artist or ordinary citizen with a story to tell? Then please get in contact.

The Visual Rebellion team are here to assist you tell your story. You can upload photos, film and text, directly and securely, to our team. We will help find your voice and edit your work.

When submitting content to Visual Rebellion your safety is our upmost concern. To make sure there is no way your uploads can be traced back to you we suggest you try one of the methods below.

1. Find a café or another public place that has free Wi-Fi available. Go somewhere that isn’t located in a place near your home, work, or any other place you frequent on a regular basis.

2. Follow the directions to download the Tor Browser at and install it. Tor has an internal VPN that will stop anyone being able to trace your location.


Use a third party VPN such as NordVPN, Cyber Ghost etc.