Airtrikes Epidemic (III) // “Not every house has a bomb shelter yet”

MARCH, 15th, 2024 // In the three years following the coup, the Myanmar military has conducted 1,652 airstrikes across the country. The Sagaing Region has been subject to the most aerial attacks to this date. Regionwide, bunkers and trenches are proliferating to protect civilians, such as Min Hla village.

Into the Life of Myanmar Women Factory Workers

FEBRUARY 26th, 2024 // Long familiar with the tiny gains and vicious crashes brought on by political shocks, workers in Myanmar now face insurmountable hardships as the fourth year post-coup gets underway. People must now decide either to shelter in place with no end in sight, or face down unknown conditions as migrant workers overseas. Young garment factory workers share their experiences from Yangon and Samut Prakarn, in neighbouring Thailand.