From Our Place to the Frontline ငါတို့နေရာမှ ရှေ့တန်းသို့

a new outlet written by striking students from Yangon university in collaboration with Fulbright University Vietnam students who felt deeply affected by the situation in Myanmar. The free-to-read online magazine features creative writing and interviews of highschoolers who left their education for revolution, a young aspiring teacher forced to live in a camp for Internally displaced people (IDP) and an art scholar who supports her people using art as a weapon against authoritarianism.

Read “From Our Place to the Front Line: A Zine on Life in Post-Coup Myanmar” under the supervision of Tam Nguyen and Phuong-Anh Nguyen

Donations are welcomed and are fully sent to refugees displaced by the war in Myanmar.

You can watch the replay of the Brownbag event by the Council Southeast Asia Studies at Yale university about the presentation of two storytelling collectives, Bên Kia Chiến Tuyến – ငါတို့နေရာမှ ရှေ့တန်းသို့ as well as “Visual Rebellion Myanmar ”, here.